Ideal ROI Measurement

The ideal method of tracking ROI is down to the revenue level by lead source. BelConnect has the capabilities of doing most of this for you if the data is entered properly. Take the time to measure, or have an advertising professional do it for you!


Gross Response Rate in direct mail tells a narrow story.

Net Appt Rate reveals even more detail to the story.

Unit Sale Volume goes even a step further.

Sales Dollars generated from those appts tells the entire story.

Allows tracking your advertising spend by source to a cost %

Different ad sources produce not only different quantities of response; they tend to bring different quality as well.

You should never be regularly losing money to generate new customers.

Example: In our home market, we have a number of clients in sales organizations. There are a pair of print sources that are used commonly. The cost per call from Source A was 3x the other, meaning the calls were triple for Source B. On that info alone, we could certainly draw some conclusions. However, by tracking to the sales $, we discovered that the ROI and cost% were better with source B. See below drawn from actual monthly averages over an 18 month span.

Source A- Spend $6950 generating 32 calls, 16 appointments, 5 sales and $36,883. A marketing cost of 18.8%

Source B- Spend $7500 generating 11 calls, 10 appointments, 6 sales and $51,600. A marketing cost of 14.5%.

The Deeper the Dig, the Better the Data!